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SHPS management of COBRA is REALLY bad.
1/01: We needed COBRA, so the employer sent paperwork to SHPS (Louisville, KY). The employer told us not to worry about the delay in setting up the COBRA account because medical bills during the set-up time can be re-billed and paid for after the account is established. (Easy for them to say.) SHPS then sent forms to us, to fill out and return. The form stated that payment was not necessary, but if we wanted to, we could include the first month's payment.

1/27: We sent the form and first payment, the day after we received it.

2/01: We needed medication, but the COBRA account had not been set up, so we paid the pharmacy out of our pocket.

2/08: We called SHPS (800-647-1662) on 2/08 to see if the account had been set up. The representative said our form and check was received 2/02, but it takes 5-7 business days to set up the account, so that would not occur until about 2/09. The representative said that even if our account was set up, we could not use it because they only had our payment for the first month, and we were now into the second month. We immediately sent payment for the second and third months, via overnight delivery. Our payment was received at SHPS the morning of 2/09.

2/12: We needed additional medication, but we knew the COBRA account had not been set up, so we went to the doctor's office and asked for free samples to cover us a short time until the account was set up.

2/16: We called SHPS. The representative said our account had not been set up because it takes 10-14 business days to set up the account (what happened to the 5-7 business days?). The representative said she would send our information upstairs, to be set up. (What has happened to our information and check since 2/02? Two weeks had passed since SHPS received our form and the first check, and now our information was being sent for processing, because we called?)

2/21: We called SHPS. The representative said our account had been set up but was not active because the checks were sent to the bank 2/20 and it takes 3-5 business days for checks to clear the bank. Then SHPS is notified by the bank that the checks cleared, and the account is activated. The representative said "This whole process often takes six weeks."

2/21: We needed more medications, but the COBRA account had not been set up and activated, so we paid the pharmacy out of our pocket again.

2/24: The checks were not cashed even though they may have been sent to the bank 2/20. It's amazing how slowly events move when done by SHPS.

Is it possible that SHPS is trying to delay activation of the COBRA account because they make money when the customer avoids medical care when the COBRA account is not available for use?

2/26: The COBRA account is now active. Billing for medical doctors, medical tests, and dentists have to be re-submitted.

3/20: We inquired about sending a check for COBRA for April, because we have not been billed. We were told that there is a credit on our account, so no payment is needed. (This is incorrect)

4/06: We have still not been reimbursed for our medication payments. We were told the wrong form to use, so the correct form is now in the mail to us.

4/06: We received a bill for over twice what is actually owed, even though we were told that no payment was needed for April. What a horrible way to run a business.


Carousel Toyota, Glen Mills, Concord Township, PA, is a great dealer. Their service department is very honest, and only suggests repairs that are needed. They don't add not-needed repairs to state inspections.

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