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Computer Notes
Tutorial for Win 8.1 Hosts files
PC Tune-up Wireless network
Flash drives Computerized investing
Networth sample
Photoshop Elements 6 overview Google applications
Photoshop Elements 6 examples Directory printer
protecting your computer - summary Web-email
System maintenance protecting your computer - details
Free file conversion Comcast cable versus Verizon FIOS
Windows Vista Fast shut-down and restart
wide screen LCD monitor MS Office, MS Works, Open Office or http://tinyurl.com/38vtqf
Spreadsheets, part 1 Spreadsheets, part 2
Important features in digital cameras Windows XP start menu, help, toolbars, keyboard shortcuts - 4 slides per page
Pixels and resolution Windows XP start menu, help, toolbars, keyboard shortcuts
Quicken-2006 Windows emergency advisory
Windows XP - Files and Folders Windows XP - features
Minimize Online Risks How to buy and dispose of a computer

Same information as above, but with photos
of the inside of a computer

Installing Norton AntiVirus FREE Adobe Acrobat Reader
Scanning your computer for viruses Downloading Adobe Reader pdf files
Virus removal tools Changing icon spacing
Checking viruses and hoaxes Printing labels from Outlook
Manual updating of virus definitions Smart Computing Magazine
ZoneAlarm software firewall Maintaining the operating system
Printer settings Discounts for ISPs
Printing web pages Poem for computer users over 40
Cookies Expanding email headers
Spyware2 Spyware
Organizing the Favorites folder Introduction to using the internet
Computer Viruses Internet shopping
Internet searches Low cost ISPs
Internet resources HELP and troubleshooting
Virus Myths Updating or replacing software or hardware
See what Google can do for you Changing the programs menu on Win XP
High value computers and tech support buycheapsoftware.com
web cam links Internet guide for newcomers
Turning your PC into a spam machine Reviews of Mailblocks anti-spam service
eBay auctions and PayPal Capturing web pages
Safe computing Creating a free web site
Phishers use look-alike web sites  
Digital Photo Notes

Photography notes

Third-party inks
Digital Photos Photo paper

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