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<H1><CENTER>Image and Text Formatting Information</CENTER></H1>

<P>Note that the align-center tag must follow the h1 tag, be separated

by a space, and be included within the same tag symbols, as shown:

&lt;h1 align=center&gt;. Be sure to end the h1 heading with the

&lt;/h1&gt; tag or the entire page will be in the h1 heading format.</P>


<H1>H1 is the largest heading.</H1>

<H2>H2 is the larger heading.</H2>

<H3>H3 is the large heading.</H3>


<BR>causes a line break, like using "Enter".

Thumbnail images may be 3KB in size, while larger images may be 45KB.

<BLOCKQUOTE> This an indented paragraph of text. Be sure to us </blockquote> to end the indented paragraph.

<P>Text may be <EM>emphasized</EM>

<STRONG>Text may be strong, or bold.</STRONG>

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